Welcome to Express Planning Searches Ireland.
We are the leading specialists in planning searches in Ireland with over 20 years experience specialising in planning searches.

€15M Professional Indemnity cover

Our vastly experienced and skilled planning searchers attend and carry out searches in all planning offices throughout Ireland and we are recognised as the leading agency in our field. Our planning search reports have been relied upon for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state and our clients range from single Solicitor practices to some of the largest Solicitor firms in Ireland, financial institutions, government agencies, architects offices and general commercial entities.

We are Ireland's Only dedicated Planning search agency

Why choose express planning searches for your planning search requirements?
  • we are specialists in this area with vast experience in planning search matters

  • we provide the fastest turnaround on reports in Ireland (3-5 days)

  • we carry €15m professional cover for each report to safeguard you and your clients (yes, that's right €15m cover which is by far the largest cover by any search agent in Ireland)

  • experienced, professional customer service team to answer any query you may have.

  • economical fee structure for clients.